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If there ever was a time to be bolder, do better, and dream bigger... it is here and now! Why not BE BOLDER in our approach? Family Resource Center and the Children’s Museum are coming together to co-locate services under one roof. The lasting impact of this partnership will enable us to collaborate and build stronger families while supplying them with a parent to a parent educator at the Family Resource Center to provide support. When it comes to safety, accessibility, efficiency, and inclusion, why not seek to DO BETTER? We are adding 6,134 square feet of exhibit and classroom space, along with other amenities including:

  • Designated family friendly parking adjacent to our building so parents can avoid crossing busy streets with young children,
  • An outdoor space that can be utilized year round,
  • Improving visitor safety by relocating administrative offices adjacent to the front entrance of the museum.
Why not GROW BIGGER so we can include more people in the opportunity to learn through play? The Children’s Museum of Eau Claire serves more than 1,400 children through its Play for All membership program, making us the leader in serving low to moderate income children. All of these things mean that a children’s museum isn’t just nice, but absolutely necessary for a thriving community that values children and strengthening families.

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